The Arlington Dollars for Scholars Program came into existence in 1983.  As the result of home-rule legislation, a first-in-the-nation town-wide scholarship fund was established, the principal of which comprises the voluntary contributions of taxpayer by means of a checkoff box on all local tax bills.  The investment return from this pool of taxpayer contributions is used to provide scholarship aid for qualifed Arlington residents.

Since our first Tax checkoff Dollar for Scholars awarded in 1984, 6 scholarships totaling $3,500, we have grown to awarding 100 scholarships totaling $150,750.  Besides the Tax checkoff, we now have Special Gift Scholarship Endowments and One-Time Scholarship Endowments. In 2016 we awarded 38 Special and One-Time scholarships totaling $81,250, making a grand total of 100 scholarships totaling $150,750.

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