Description of the different ways in which scholarship donations can be made:


1.  THE TAX CHECKOFF METHOD of scholarship donation was established when the Town of Arlington succeeded in having home rule legislation passed (Chapter 405 of the Acts of 1983) allowing a box to be placed on its municipal tax bills.  The checkoff feature makes it easy for large numbers of taxpayers to come together in support of a worthwhile community project.  Contributions are strictly voluntary and the present success of the program is attributable to the continued support of large numbers of contributors.


2.  THE PERMANENT MEMORIAL TRUST is a gift-giving option for those wishing to establish a scholarship fund which will "keep alive" the name of a deceased person, or honor the name of a living individual, club, organization, high school reunion class or a significant event.  A Trust Agreement will forever incorporate the wishes of the Donor(s) of the fund as to the type of student eligible to compete for a scholarship award from the trust.  The donated money will be invested as part of the Town of Arlington trust fund portfolio, and the income earned will be used to fund the annual scholarship award.


3.  THE ONE-TIME MEMORIAL GIFT can be used in those instances where there is no intent to establish a permanent scholarship fund. Similar to the permanent memorial, however, a one-time scholarship gift will also incorporate the wishes of the Donor(s) as to the type of student eligible to receive the scholarship, and the award will be made at the scholarships ceremony following receipt of the gift.  An acknowledgement of the gift in the name(s) of the donor(s) will be sent to the family or other persons associated with the memorial.


4.  THE GENERAL FUND CONTRIBUTION accumulates money received, usually in memory of a recently deceased person, and puts such contribution into a General Fund to be combined with similar types of contributions.  The names of persons so memorialized will be recognized at the next scholarship ceremony, and an appropriate acknowledgement will be sent to the family of the person being remembered.


5.  GIFTS BY BEQUEST can be made by having a will drafted, adding a codicil to your present will or including the scholarship fund in your trust instrument.  Such a bequest may be in the form of cash, securities or other property, and can be used to endow a Permanent Memorial, One-Time Memorial or as a unrestricted gift to the General Scholarship Fund.  To make certain your exact intentions are carried out, wills, codicils and trusts should be prepared with the advice of your Attorney.


6.  You can also donate by mailing a check to:

      John J. Bilafer Arlington CSF Dollars for Scholars

      Town of Arlington

      730 Massachusetts Avenue

      Arlington,  MA  02476