June 18, 2020 Annual Awards Night 


This year due to COVID-19 and the ban on large gatherings, we were forced to cancel the Annual Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony.

We did select and award 74 Scholarships to a very impressive group of Arlington residents. 32 of the scholarships were Designated Scholarships and through the generosity of the citizens of Arlington, we were able to award 42 Arlington Citizen's Scholarships.

The awardees are listed below.

We wish them luck in their studies and know they will continue to make the Town of Arlington proud.

A special thank you to all of our donors who make this possible.



Designated Scholarship Recipients-2020


Arlington Class of 1949 Scholarship Award


Nathaniel Dorson


The Arlington High School Class of 1966 Scholarships


Gil Kim

Abigail Hodgdon



The Arlington Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarships


John Biagioni

Lena Goodnow



The Pearl Wilmarth Beals Memorial Scholarship 


Lauren Murphy


The Bilafer/Kovich Family Scholarship


Megan Laurendeau


The Robert C. Blomquist and Family Memorial Scholarship


Emma Platt 


The Class of 1955 Scholarship


Nora Quinn


The Class of 2000 Scholarship


Jeffrey Candell


The Helen G. Budd Memorial Scholarship


Theodora Rosen


The Rose Carey Memorial Scholarship


Emily Brown


The Cavaretta Family Scholarship


Marina Wagner


Dr. Anthony Colozzi Memorial Scholarship


Kelsey Sherriff



The Vin Culhane Scholarship


Yanni Kochriaotis



The Richard G. Donnelly Scholarship


Michael Britt



The Joseph and Civitina Dussi Memorial Scholarship 


Sarah Reis



The Mitchell Ermonian Memorial Scholarships


Samuel O'Keefe

Hannah Alton



The Joan Flanagan Memorial Scholarship


Grace Skehan



The Mother Germaine Memorial Scholarship


Audrey Skehan


The Kiwanis Club of Arlington/Philip Canniff Scholarship


Nathaniel Heitman-Bastone



The William and Helen Lyons Memorial Scholarship


Erika Tai


The Thomas J. Myers, Jr. Student-Athlete Scholarship


Eli Barlow


The Cristine Card Patton Scholarship


Andrew Harrison



The Anne A. and Leonard G. Russell Scholarship


Katja Ampe


The Holly Saparoff Memorial Scholarship


Griffen Gould



The Amie Rose Scoppettuolo Memorial Scholarship


Erika Siegel



The John J. Stanton Memorial Scholarship


Kristen Maloy



The Father Hilary Sullivan Memorial Scholarship


Mathieu Ronayne



The Mirak Family Scholarship


Laura Kirchner



The Samuel J. Nigro Charitable Scholarship Trust


Clinton Garrahan


Arlington Citizen's Scholarship Recipients-2020

Alison Holt

Rong Zou

Kendall Gleason

Joel Slebodnick

Molly Hankinson

Caden Fitzpatrick

Phoebe Hallahan

Olivia Bonardi

Meredith Days

Patrick O'Toole

Elaine Woods

Abraham Reiss

Katherine Faiola

Thomas Grandon

Caroline Dressler

Alyssa Kerble

Hanneen Adberrazzaq

Jennifer Jordahl 

Elizabeth Liakos

Eleanor Egan

Nina Wang

Reina Conti

Alana Colety

Grant Griesman

Matthew Loosian

Sarah Kam

Eileen Tucci

Jonathon Cayer

Kolya Shields

Emilia Mannstadt

Joan Cha

Kayla Dunning

Molly O'Toole

Braedon Quinlan

Lucie Bell

Hanuman Vakil

Bridget Gillis

Liam Barthelmy

Adam Forbes

Madeline Brosius

Anna Kuklinski