June 20, 2019 Annual Awards Night



Designated Scholarship Recipients June 20, 2019

Arlington Class of 1949 Scholarship Award


The Arlington High School Class of 1966 Scholarships



The Arlington Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarships



The Pearl Wilmarth Beals Memorial Scholarship 


The Bilafer/Kovich Family Scholarship


The Robert C. Blomquist and Family Memorial Scholarship



The Class of 1955 Scholarship



The Doctor Patrick A. Campobasso/Touchdown Club of Arlington Scholarship



The Rose Carey Memorial Scholarship



The Cavaretta Family Scholarship



The Vin Culhane Scholarship




The Richard G. Donnelly Scholarship



The Joseph and Civitina Dussi Memorial Scholarship 



The Mitchell Ermonian Memorial Scholarship



The Joan Flanagan Memorial Scholarship




The Mother Germaine Memorial Scholarship




The Kennedy Family Scholarship




The Kiwanis Club of Arlington/Philip Canniff Scholarship




The William and Helen Lyons Memorial Scholarship





The Catherine T. McCabe Registered Nurse Memorial Scholarship




The Ralph Canniff-Touchdown Scholarship




The Thomas J. Myers, Jr. Student-Athlete Scholarships



The Peter J. and Marjorie G. O'Reilly Scholarship



The Cristine Card Patton Scholarship



The Anne A. and Leonard G. Russell Scholarships



The Ruth-Ann Santino Memorial Scholarship



The Holly Saparoff Memorial Scholarship



The Amie Rose Scoppettuolo Memorial Scholarship



The John J. Stanton Memorial Scholarship



The Father Hilary Sullivan Memorial Scholarship



The Mirak Family Scholarship



The Samuel J. Nigro Charitable Scholarship Trusts